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“We have used several companies to produce our color charts since we started our business. That was until we gave the guys at Coloramic a call. The staff at Coloramic understands our design needs and they are never short of creative solutions to any situation. The staff is courteous, friendly and very knowledgeable. We are proud to say Coloramic has been our choice for the past ten years and will be for years to come.”

— Chris Ashley, Echols Metals

Color Depositing: A Process of Precision

The Flexible, Creative Way to Market Your Product with Color

Our color marketing tools can help you sell more of what you make by using color to help deliver your marketing message:

  • Accurate color and finish
  • Permanently deposited directly on paper
  • Creative shapes
  • Precise register and alignment

Color depositing is the technique we use to produce color marketing literature and sales tools such as color charts, brochures, color wheels, fan decks and POP display labels and inserts. It allows us to apply color-matched lacquer directly to a sheet of paper resulting in a highly accurate portrayal of color without the need to cut and glue chips.

Using color depositing, we are able to apply up to 200 matched colors directly to a sheet of paper in one impression, in nearly any size or shape, and in perfect registration. These characteristics make it possible to be more innovative with color card design—to go outside the box, literally, and incorporate creative themes like brush strokes or ornaments while still conveying precise color information.

Because the colors are initially deposited directly on the sheet in liquid form, they will never come off or lift at the corners—yet still retain the important “raised” feel that indicates the colors are real not images. The result is an exceptional sales tool that is informative, creative and memorable.